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The time between entries has increased. I've made sure to be out everyday, to feel the wind on my face and to explore this weird region of ours in as much detail as I can, peeling back something satisfying and forbidden, committing it to my memory for reasons as yet uncertain. Still, everything is delicious, by which, I mean the experience of the common place. Wandering the back ways of our city feels positively Joycean: it is an urban labyrinth, abundant, alive, filth encrusted, beautiful. That many are now even more woefully disconnected from the wormy, dead bird and pebble sod, is a side effect of the death grip this virus, or rather the idea of this virus (far more powerful) has had on the West. Out there, on the abstract, broken planes, where briefly bird song roared louder than the voice of human industry, there lies the key towards a fuller, more satisfying, more urgently alive reality.

Above is Debdale Park, which I find myself passing through most days. I have met a wonderful man who plays the saxophone and another fellow who hangs books upon lines, for people to buy for any sum they choose. They huddle close, creating a kind of forlorn, yet enchanted fairground overlooking Gorton Lower Reservoir. I purchased a book about the Lake District. Either way, both men have an ebullience that is hard to ignore...these are connections formed out of the atmosphere of alienation and the whiplash response by many, myself included, to make new and sudden friendships at any cost. Find the others, find the others.

I don't want to waste too much of your time with this entry. I was going to post a few more photos of my journeys, but honestly, the above will do, the grey skies of July swollen with sorrows yet to be unleashed. But we will find a way, as a community (our mantra). There's no other choice.

As they say in Hookland, Re-Enchantment Is Resistance.

So When Is The Peer Hat Opening, You Wandering Fool?

The success of the crowdfunder, meant that we didn't have to take the frankly appalling risk of opening through the grimness of July. We considered the possibility, but we chose to wait for a variety of reasons, rational and instinctual. You can ask us all about them when we re-open, which will be, at the latest SEPTEMBER 4TH. August looks pretty empty gig wise, and since the live music ban is lifting at the beginning of the month and our raison d'etre starts and ends with that, AND Abatoir Blues are running a gig on the 4th, it seemed like a good fit. We might yet open earlier, but September 4th seems realistic. We can't help but notice the virus spikes and such taking place around Europe, but, with our eyes fixed firmly on a terrain view of health, we will set our sails to weather the storm. The space weather suggests a peak around December for viral troubles, so buckle in. We may be relying on the baldly abstract ways, in which the upper elites of Britain seem to be given, when it comes to regarding the welfare, of the greater section of the population. EDIT 03/08/2020 (Yep, I was right about that...where do we go from here? It's an endurance race my friends.)

Our prepared and measured response, would not have been possible without your help.

Oh yes, there was this also: a little interview we did with the Manchester Evening News:

have a read here.

It was interesting to pour out my thoughts and I have to say, I think our concerns were fairly well represented here. So that was a relief.

What About Our Damn T-Shirts?

Bear with us, or email me and I'll arrange a grab session. We've had so many things to do to get the place compliant with guidelines..they're all there and will come your way soon. So yeah, if you want, email me on and I'll sort you out personally (if you need that shirt now motherfucker....and you have every right).


And Now It Is Lamas And We Don't Know Again

Following the commencement of this post, it was revealed to the people, that we would no longer be permitted to see one another indoors...except it seems, in places like the Peer Hat, so long as we prevent the members of different households from meeting. How this is accomplished, is of course, left to the imagination of the proprietor. It's something that is essentially unenforceable and I personally believe, will lead to a more fulsome lockdown scenario. How to contain despair. How to give a voice to the gasping, dry choke of plans dashed and unheard? We at The Peer Hat, can say to you: "Yes, we will open on September 4th" but of course that is now within the lap of the stars. And the Stars Are Not Yet Right. We can only wait and see. Still, the words churn and boil forth and the hot taste of anger and hurt at those closest and dearest to us, continues to rise and do it's damage, to wound and slow. We must reconcile between ourselves, recognise that we are legitimate human beings with legitimate fears, reasoning and intuition, that can only serve us as we allow. We must forgive. We must be compassionate. If our communities fail because we cannot show contrition, and show mercy in return...if we gloat at the failings and weakness of others...

What would be the point of The Peer Hat? Who would wish to go there, but enemies from a fallen reality?


Lugh's face is as bright as the sun. He is mostly forgotten now, only whispered of during The Wakes...but deep within the mythosphere, he strides still, a hero beyond measure, forever the plaything of the Goddess. But a hero he remains and if we look deep within and catch a glimpse of that shining countenance, we might recognise it as our own and move forth---towards and through--- the invincible shadow.

The Second Peer Hat Album

We've been a little delayed with this as you might imagine, but we have all the tracks now and think it will be a real treat for the ears. It's a little longer in running time than the previous offering, but no less enticing, representing those that camp within our walls for a little time and then moving on. We are at a pivotal point in history. Dead Machine versus the awe and horror of a reality that is whole. Do we want musicians and artists passing through our lives and sharing of themselves? If so, we must ask what we are prepared to sacrifice. If not, then we must make peace with a new world, one where the only musicians are in your bedroom and in the history books.

We have no way of making that choice for you.

Streaming & Such

It's funding season and we need grants to remain viable. This means that we have to invest in streaming as a priority. Whatever your opinion of streamed gigs as a viable way of experiencing the magnificent, awe inspiring power of live music....that is the reality of our situation. Prepare for that and think about how we can make it more palatable. Please feel free to mail on with any ideas you might have.

Not many people read this blog. A lot less than enjoy The Peer Hat. But you do and we care about your opinions.

Let's See What's Happening, As A Friend Of Mine Used To Say...

Ian is back...I want to thank him for being such a warm and caring person. His perspective has been invaluable. In the meantime, check out these.two linked episodes of Ian's digital memoir...

Click Here

Then Here

In Dreams...

Johnny Dreamguns is also back...the mercurial one has a track entitled Washed Up At The Shore for you to drown in and upon. The lo-fi nature of these tracks, allied to a wicked sense of humour, belies a certain (and somewhat surprising) streak of pain and darkness. Still completely standing on it's own (on the shore, amidst the flotsam and jetsam).

We expect to receive more exciting tidbits as time progresses. I think that the early outpourings of music and art, came from a sense of novelty and from the opening of a weird fleeting portal. Magic came forth and we bathed in it for those few frozen weeks, before the caustic light of our current reality reasserted itself (with added awfulness). Confusion and chaos rule. But we were always that.



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